Cabo San Lucas Snorkeling Tours

Enjoy our amazing snorkeling tour in Cabo San Lucas area.

Snorkeling in Cabo along Lands End is considered to be among the best spots in the world. This area is a natural coral reef reserve that is more like an aquarium protected from the pacific. Experience a swim with the many types of coral reef marine life or watch the playful sea lions all while the crew onboard prepares for your return with a fresh towel, shower and a refreshing drink.

Of course all of the gear you need to use is provided by All Ways Cabo Boats.

nce back on board, enjoy a sail down to the arch, and don’t forget your camera. We stop at the arch to give you the opportunity to take pictures of one of the world’s greatest landmarks.

Through the winter months we normally see whales as we sail out from Medano bay and into the open waters. Of all the species of whales seen on our tours, the Humpback whale is the most expressive and playful. The commonly seen behaviors of the Humpback are breaching, tail slapping , hopping and flipper slapping. It is truly a magnificent site to see.

While there are many options to get you on the water, none compare to the rare experience of All Ways Cabo Boats.

See Cabo the All Ways Cabo Boats way!

Let us pamper you with an experience only we can provide.

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